3D Rock background

Rocky background is very universal design to fit most aquatic setups. The thickness of background is between 2-3"


Bring an otherworldly glow and a calming vibe to your home with the living art of an aquarium. Not just will it make a suitable and solid environment for your fish to live in, it will additionally make a wonderful contribution to the design of your living space. Aquarium background themes can range from the completely natural to the campy, using plants, figurines, colored rocks and more. One of the best ways to enhance the aesthetics of your aquarium or tank is adding a tree product from Universal Rocks. Another important part of creating a realistic fish tank is choosing the correct aquarium background. The background should be appealing to the eye. It also helps to give natural habitat to the fish living inside the glass jar, It can be very cheap or very expensive depends on your choice and budget.


Decorating your fish tank does not have to be expensive and you can easily customize it to match your own style. If you want a rocky aquarium background for your fish tank, you can purchase a snap together rock wall kit. There are also available plant walls at Pet stores that attach with suction cup. Whether your fish habitat is a tiny 5-gallon tank or a giant saltwater reef aquarium, backgrounds can turn a mediocre-looking fish tank into a decorative and aesthetic piece. There are literally hundreds of themes that you could choose from. The theme you choose will be one that gives you endless amount of pleasure as you sit in your living space watching your fish dance around the fish tank décor. Decorating your aquarium background with a theme is a fun way of exercising your creativity and making your aquarium an attractive piece of artwork.

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